Housing Association for Integrated Living

HAIL is a voluntary housing association with properties in the greater Dublin area. Our vision is a society where people, primarily those with mental health difficulties, can achieve and sustain independent living in the community having secure, quality, affordable accommodation with appropriate support services. Our mission is to provide housing and individually tailored services to support those with mental health difficulties, to integrate and live independent lives in the community.

HAIL Ballymun Tenants
Daragh Cleary, HAIL Maintenance Worker
Louise Byrne, HAIL Genio Support Worker
Sean Megahey, HAIL Services Manager
Patricia Cleary, HAIL Executive Director
Mary Mullen, HAIL Housing Administrator
International Neighbours Day
Éanna McHugh, HAIL Chairperson
Angela Lynch, HAIL Housing Officer
Andie, HAIL Tenant
Anne Mulligan, HAIL Genio Team
HAIL Belvedere Tenants
Brid, HAIL Tenant
Catherine, HAIL Tenant
David Kavanagh, HAIL Support Worker
David, HAIL Tenant
David, HAIL Tenant, moving into his new home!
Emma, HAIL Tenant
HAIL Tenant, Gerry
James and Phyllis, HAIL tenants
HAIL Support Worker with Tenant
Joan Bissett, Support Worker
Joanne Lambe, Regional Support Worker
Joe, HAIL tenant
John Church, Regional Support Worker
Joyce, HAIL Tenant
Karolyn Ward, HAIL Support Liaison Coordinator
HAIL Tenant, Liam
Mark, HAIL Tenant
Miriam, HAIL Tenant
HAIL Tenant, Miriam
Peter, HAIL Tenant
Rita, HAIL tenant.
Sandra Fox, Project Leader, Regional Support Team
Shane, HAIL Tenant
Sorcha Griffith, Regional Support Worker
HAIL Edenmore Tenants
Ballymun Tenants
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When you first begin to live alone you don’t know hat to do for yourself so it was great being totally supported. And that support has made a huge different to me.
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