HAIL Peer Support Volunteers Graduate

Karolyn Ward - Thursday, December 14, 2017

The second HAIL Peer Support Volunteer course has finished. This year's course was carried out in conjunction with Crosscare Community College and has produced some outstanding volunteers who will be a great asset to both HAIL as an organisation and most importantly to our tenants and clients. 

Our new Peer Support Volunteers graduated today with a ceremony at Crosscare Community College, Arran Quay. Our new Volunteers will be ready to begin working with HAIL tenants and clients in January.

To date, our Peer Support Volunteers have been instrumental in organising monthly social events including the development of our HAIL Football Team. 

Congratulations to the new graduates and we look forward to having you on board the HAIL team soon. 

(C) HAIL 2012