About HAIL

The Housing Association for Integrated Living was founded in 1985 as a result of an initiative by members of St. Brendan's Mental Health Association and others following the preparation of the report, Let's Look at Housing.

This report identified the housing needs of single socially vulnerable persons, some of whom had been patients in hospital or other institutions and often have difficulty in coping on their own, or at least need start up help to integrate into the community. In the following years the association has both purchased and built homes in the city and county of Dublin for people with a range of supported housing needs.        

HAIL has since developed into a successful voluntary housing association and as well as being a supported housing provider now also provides general needs housing. Our developments at Ballymun, Clondalkin, Tallaght, Stepaside and Raheny include housing for families taken from the local authority waiting list for the area.

Building and sustaining integrated community living is at the core of our work. HAIL's housing and settlement/support service aims at enabling all our tenants to live in their own homes and communities with self respect and independence.

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