HAIL Slán Abhaile Project 

The aim of the HAIL Slán Abhaile project is to source accommodation, offer support to people living in HSE congregated mental health settings to move to independent living, and link them back into their communities.  HAIL's experience of housing, community integration, tenancy sustainment, supporting people with mental health difficulties, partnership working with mental health services and housing agencies has been fully utilized and expanded to achieve recovery goals for people needing support to establish themselves in independent living in the community. This is in keeping with the recovery ethos of "Vision for Change", the national policy on mental health.

PICLS (Prison In-reach and Court Liaison Service) project;

The Prison In-Reach Court Liaison Service (PICLS) project supports people with mental health difficulties, being released from remand prison, to source accommodation and appropriate support services. The service also provides post-release support to a percentage of these clients. 

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