Accepting Charitable Donations Statement

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Tuesday, 9th August 2022
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HAIL is an Approved Housing Body, registered with the Charity Regulator and we are fully committed to maintaining good practices, transparency and highest standards in fundraising and governance as per Charity Regulator’s Guidelines:

HAIL has a strong reputation in providing both quality housing and support services to people with mental health difficulties and our vision is to be the provider of choice for our clients and tenants, enabling them to achieve and sustain independent living in the community by having secure, quality, affordable accommodation with appropriate support services tailored to their needs.

HAIL aims to ensure that in accepting any charitable donations we comply with legal, statutory and regulatory requirements whilst maintaining our reputation and adherence to our mission and values. HAIL is committed to developing a relationship of mutual trust and respect with all its supporters, funders, donors, employees, clients/ tenants, volunteers and public.

The copy of our full Policy is available on request at

HAIL takes very seriously our compliance with the following principles when carrying out our activities:

Respect - HAIL respects the rights and dignity of donors, beneficiaries and members of the public and will never put undue pressure to donate;

Honesty and Integrity- All HAIL activities are always carried out in an honest and truthful manner. Honest and accurate information about our charitable purpose and activities is always available. HAIL ensures that charitable donations and gifts are only used for the purposes for which they were intended to be used by the donor;

Transparency and Accountability- HAIL operates in an open, frank and honest way and will ensure that transactions, information and communications are understood by donors and the members of public. The Directors and Leadership Team accept responsibility to donors and   the public. The Directors and the Leadership Team of HAIL take all reasonable steps to treat our donors fairly and enabling donors to make informed decisions about donations.

HAIL has a published complaints procedure, feedback and complaints are treated very seriously and reviewed by our Leadership Team.

If you have feedback, a complaint, or a query about the work of HAIL, you are very welcome to contact us in writing, via email or by telephone at:

HAIL, Central Hotel Chambers, 7-9 Dame Court, Dublin 2

Email:; Tel: 01 6718444