HAIL Peer Support Volunteer to launch new poetry book inspired by mental health recovery

By Hailadmin
Thursday, 30th March 2023
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A new poetry book which addresses the challenges and struggles affecting people living with mental health difficulties will be officially launched this weekend.

‘Colours of a Rainbow’ is author Patrick Clifford’s fifth book. Patrick’s poems and stories deal with mental health difficulties, spirituality, addiction and finding hope in the darkest parts of one’s life.

Patrick is a Peer Support Volunteer with HAIL housing association. In his voluntary role with HAIL, Patrick supports HAIL clients in their mental health recovery by providing social support. In his role, Patrick co-manages the HAIL football team, HAIL United and also helps run the HAIL Music Group.

Patrick was awarded with the Educational and Career Advancement Bursary from HAIL, which supported him in producing ‘Colours of a Rainbow’.