Poetry Day Ireland: Thanks by Eddie Keegan

By hailadmin
Thursday, 30th April 2020
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To celebrate Irish Poetry Day, HAIL tenant Eddie Keegan wrote a poem to thank his mother and older people during this COVID-19 crisis.  


Age can teach us

Age can reach us

In special ways, those special days

So look after the nannies and granddaddies too

For they gave us life

Yes me and you

Sure my mammy’s 92

And she’ll never give in

What keeps her going

Is her spirit wit and kin

Sure we’re all a big family at the end of each day

So just say a prayer each night as you lay

Thanks for the nannies and the granddaddies great

For now if you can’t give a hug

Just blow a kiss from the gate.

By Eddie Keegan, 29/04/2020