What It Means to Be A ‘HAIL’ Tenant

By hailadmin
Monday, 30th November 2020
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We were delighted to receive this wonderful piece from valued tenant. Thank you Tony for your kind words and ongoing support for the HAIL community. 

To us it means care, security, peace of mind, support, friendship, well-being, pride and contentment. Let us explain.

We are now in our 80s and married almost 60 years. We came to know of HAIL twelve years ago. We were attracted by HAIL’s caring philosophy that was similar to ours, that people are important including the vulnerable. Because accommodation is based on income or ability to pay, rather than the maximum commercial rent possible, you have a feeling of security and peace of mind.

Tenancy for life

Of course, a good tenant/landlord relationship is a two-way thing. A good landlord looks after good tenants and good tenants show appreciation by caring for the property as if it were their own. After all, the tenancy is for life, if we choose to stay. The Tenant Handbook lists the responsibilities of each so there is no uncertainty of expectations. It’s good to read it from time to time as a reminder.

We have seen HAIL grow as a respected housing association in the years we have been together, yet we have experienced the same individual care and support from them. HAIL staff are our friends and carry the organisation’s ethos forward.


Being able to get outside our home to tend lawns, balconies, planters and flower boxes has been a blessing, especially during cocooning. We are grateful for our outside space. We take pride in our home and environment. Several neighbours share in litter collection on the estate. We love where we live.

So, this is what being a HAIL tenant means to us and indeed much more.Thank you, thank you HAIL for being who you are!