Mental Health Tenancy Sustainment Support Service

HAIL has a team of community based Mental Health Tenancy Sustainment Workers who work directly with those tenants who need additional support to manage their tenancy. Our Mental Health Tenancy Sustainment Workers provide a wide range of services in order to help our tenants settle in initially and then integrate into their community. 

What sort of work does the support service do?

 The amount and type of support will vary depending on the needs of the tenant and will be very specific to the individual. We request that all tenants residing in our supported accommodation link in with our Mental Health Tenancy Sustainment Service. The tenant is central to identifying their needs and creating a support plan with their Mental Health Tenancy Sustainment Worker. The types of support offered include (but are not limited to);

  • Settlement planning and support
  • Tenancy Sustainment
  • Mental Health recovery
  • Improving independent living skills
  • Sourcing education, employment and training
  • Accessing and signposting to statutory and community services
  • Integration into the new or existing community


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