COVID19 Factsheet & FAQs for Tenants

This Fact Sheet will be continually updated in line with government guidelines

Following Government guidance on Covid-19 to limit face to face contact, HAIL is reviewing how to best protect our tenants, clients, contractors and staff on a daily basis.

Emergency repairs

  • To minimise face to face contact, emergency repairs only will be undertaken at this time. Again please contact us through the usual route of calling the main landline or by talking to your Housing Officer directly. Your repair request will then be assessed and we will then tell you whether we will deem your repair as an emergency. If it is not deemed an emergency, then we will place your repair request on a list and we will then prioritise your repair request accordingly, once the government has lifted the current restrictions.
  • Should you report a repair and it is not deemed an emergency initially and it gets worse, please report this again to HAIL as sometimes repairs left unchecked may need to be heightened to an emergency.

Anti-Social Behaviour

​If you are experiencing an Anti-Social Behaviour during this time, again please contact your Housing Officer or the main landline and report the behaviour, please also report this to An Garda Siochana, as they are the first line of defence against any public disorders.

Income changes

If your income has been affected by Covid-19, please contact your local Housing Officer through the normal route or again you can call the main landline on 01-671 8444. Your rent will need to be reassessed accordingly by completing a Confidential Income Statement, just like the annual rent review. We will then complete the assessment and let you know your new rent. 

If you have lost your job due to Covid-19, we can complete the form over the phone and then you can submit your proof of payment from the Dept. of Social Protection within 2 weeks of the call by posting it to our Head Office address.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that the Coronavirus emergency situation may be a very stressful time for our tenants/clients, therefore we have put together a list of FAQs which may answer any queries you might have around your rent and repairs in your home at this time:

Q. What if I have reported an emergency repair and I do not want the contractor in my home in case of infection?

A. Please be made aware, that while we understand that we have to limit our contact and ensure social distancing, sometimes, especially if you or the property is at risk, we have a duty of care, we want you to be safe in your home, so depending on the circumstances, we may have to send out a contractor.

Should this be the case, we will ensure that the contractor has Personal Protection Equipment and we will ensure that the correct social distancing is maintained. We ask our tenants/clients to work with us to ensure that the emergency is dealt with swiftly and with the least amount of contact and disturbance as possible.

Q. Can I pay my rent by phone or online?

A. Yes, tenants can pay over the phone by calling 01 6719444 or email Mary Mullen on At present we are not able to take online payments. 

Q. I am self-isolating/sick and my income has changed as a result of the coronavirus crisis. What should I do?

A. The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection are introducing measures to provide income support to people affected by Covid-19. Visit for up to date information on entitlements.

Please advise us of any changes in your circumstances by emailing and we can reassess your rent.

Q. I have been temporarily laid off or my hours have been reduced. What should I do?

A. For information on entitlements for Pay As You Earn (PAYE) workers click here. For information on entitlements for self-employed people click here.

Q. I cannot get to the Post Office to manage my financial affairs. What should I do?

A. If you are unable to collect your welfare payments and cannot make a payment towards your rent, please let us know by emailing or by contacting your Housing Officer.

Please make sure that you pay any rent arrears in full when you are able to collect your payments. It can be difficult to get out of rent arrears so we do not advise that you allow rent arrears to build up.

Q. I cannot get to the Post Office to make my rent payments. What should I do?

A. If you cannot get to the Post Office to pay your rent, you can pay your rent over the phone by calling 01 6718444.
Please advise us of any change in circumstances by emailing

Q. What happens if  I pay my rent paid by Household budget?

A. If you pay your rent by Household budget, then it will be deducted automatically the next time you collect your welfare payment.
If you are having a problem with this please advise us by emailing

Q. I cannot pay my rent as my hours have been reduced or stopped completely (either due to loss of work, isolation or illness). What should I do? 

A. Pay what you can towards your rent, it is important not to build up arrears. You can change your standing order through your online banking account.

You can pay over the phone on 01 6718444 or email .

Once you have your updated documentation advising of your new income, either through work or welfare income payments, please send them to us and we will look at adjusting your rent account accordingly. Please bear with us as there may be a backlog processing your documentation. In the meantime, please continue to pay your rent, and we will be in direct contact in due course.

Visit for up to date information on entitlements. Please us of any change in circumstances by emailing or .

Q. How can I get my Confidential Income Statement (CIS) to you?

A. Please call us and we can complete the form over the phone with you, however you will have to send in proof of the Covid payment within 2 weeks of the call in order for us to ensure that you have received the payment from the Dept. of Social Protection. 

Please post the proof of payment to our Head Office at:
HAIL, Second Floor, Central Hotel Chambers, 7-9 Dame Court, Dublin 2, D02 X452

Q. What are HAIL’s opening hours during the coronavirus (covid-19) crisis

A. Our office hours remain the same, 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, however our staff will be working remotely so please do not got to any of our offices our main landline is 01 6718444 or our email is