Tenant Forum

We are committed to involving our tenants in how we run our services in HAIL.

In 2019, we set up a Tenant Forum to provide an opportunity for tenants to input into HAIL’s strategy and policies. The Forum has 11 active members that meet monthly with HAIL staff. The Forum is a space for tenants to raise issues and make recommendations on matters such as property management, anti-social behaviour, rent management, tenant communication and community development. 

In 2021 we launched our Tenant Engagement Strategy which has heightened and evolved our Tenant’s Forum with various projects underway.

See our Tenant Engagement Strategy here for some Tenant Opportunities & Rewards which HAIL issues to tenants.

If you would like to get involved and you are a HAIL tenant, please contact your Housing Officer or Tenancy Sustainment Office by calling 01- 671 8444 and they will ensure that your name goes onto our Tenant Engagement Register and we will be in contact accordingly.