Transfers within HAIL are not an automatic right, however, we do recognise that your circumstances may change to the point where your current home is no longer suitable. You will need to be living in your current home for at least two years, have a clear rent account (no arrears) and your home must be in good repair before you will be considered for a transfer.

You will need to apply to your local authority to go onto their Transfer List. Acceptance onto each local authority list is at their discretion. All transfers, including internal transfers ( from one HAIL property to another), need to be approved by the local authority.

Dublin City Council          01 222 2222
Fingal Co Council           01 890 5429
DLRD Co Council            01 205 4828
South Dublin Co Council  01 414 9000
Kildare Co Council          045 980 971
Louth Co Council             042 933 5457
Offaly Co Council           057 934 6800
Laois Co Council             057 866 4000