Tenant Centre


In this section, you will find information on our support services, how to request support and how to engage with our Peer Support Service. 

missionIn-House Support Service

Our support service is tailored to each individuals needs. 

missionClient Engagement Service

Promoting community engagement and ongoing positive mental health

missionPeer Support Service

Fully trained volunteers who work to compliment our HAIL Support Services

missionRequest Support

Request a call from a member of the HAIL Support Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to participate with the HAIL Support Services?

We request that all tenants residing in our supported accommodation link in with our support team. We are aware however, that your support needs will change over time, so all contact with the support team is tailored to you as an individual. Please refer to section 2.42 of your Tenancy Agreement and discuss this with your Mental Health Tenancy Sustainment Worker

How do I get in contact with my Mental Health Tenancy Sustainment Worker?

If you wish to link back in with our Support Services, please fill in the form in the “Request Support” section or call the HAIL Head Office on 01 6718444

How do I link in with a Peer Support Volunteer?

If you wish to link in with a Peer Support Volunteer, please contact the HAIL Head Office on 01 6718444